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The information on this webpage  contains information about Lord & Hardaway LLP’s past results and statements regarding our law firm’s quality.    This webpage does not contain all results or all cases handled by Lord & Hardaway LLP.  The facts and circumstances of your case differ from the below casess in which results have been provided.  Names have been withheld to protect the clients' identities.

  1. 05/16
    Florida v. T.H.
    Client charged with Assault with a Deadly weapon. Alleged conspirator took a plea deal. After a lengthy trial the jury, Lord & Hardaway LLP obtained a not guilty on all counts and no criminal record.
  2. 03/16
    Confidential Client
    Client defendant in action by plaintiffs alleging age discrimination and related employment claims. After three years of litigation, obtained favorable ruling on Motion for Summary Judgment.
  3. 01/16
    Confidential Client
    Obtained $3.65 million recovery on behalf of joint venture partner in partnership dispute.
  4. 10/15
    Confidential Client
    Student-athlete accused of steroid use. University banned student from participating in pro day and expelled student. Convinced university athletic director to re-instate player in time for his pro day. Athlete participated in pro day as was drafted into the NFL.
  1. 04/15
    Confidential Client
    Successfully contested $2 million insurance claim on behalf of insurance company.
  2. 02/15
    Confidential Settlement
    Successfully contested $850,000 insurance claim on behalf of insurance company.
  3. 10/14
    New Jersey v. M.W.
    Client charged with Felony Assault by Choking. Through investigation Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to prove the charges were false. The charges were dropped and the client's record expunged.
  4. 05/14
    Final Settlement on contractor’s CPARs appeal.
  1. 09/15
    Alberta v. Confidential Client
    Client former NFL professional football player charged with raping two women. Charges were dismissed by crown when Lord & Hardaway LLP produced evidence that the intercourse was consensual.
  2. 07/15
    Confidential Client
    Client was a C-Level executive at a Fortune 500 company. Client was under indictment for allegedly issuing and receiving kickbacks as payment for securing contracts overseas. Because Lord & Hardaway LLP was proactive in speaking with prosecution, there was no arrest, a dismissal of indictment, and the investigation was closed.
  3. 06/15
    US Army v. Private S.A.
    Client enlisted in the United States Army. Soon afterwards, client wanted to unenlist. The Army recruiter had a signed contract obligating client for a period of time. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to get the Army to release client from the contract.
  4. 05/15
    Virginia v. Confidential Client
    Client government official accused of sexual harassment of au pair and failure to pay au pair in full. Plaintiff sought $7 million. Client not liable after a two-week jury trial.
  1. 05/14
    District of Columbia v. B.R.
    Obtained judgment for client dismissing with prejudice a four-year $10 million plus medical malpractice lawsuit.
  2. 04/14
    Texas v. Confidential Client
    Client professional football player charged with assault and making death threats against girlfriend. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to get prosecution to drop the charges. Subsequently, client's arrest record was expunged.
  3. 02/14
    Confidential Client
    Client healthcare corporation sued for tortious interference with contract to manage two hospitals and defamation of corporation. After a multi-week jury trial, the jury awarded our client $5 million and punitive damages in addition to that amount. The parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement before the jury determined the amount of punitive damages.
  4. 01/14
    Oklahoma v. Client Confidential
    Clients directors in a corporation were alleged to have orchestrated the dumping of toxic chemicals in a noncompliant manner. Obtained Motion to Dismiss under the fiduciary shield doctrine, the corporation’s contacts with the forum state cannot be used to establish jurisdiction with its officers and directors.
  1. 12/13
    Maryland v. R.C.
    Two clients charged with Sexual Assault in the 1st Degree. Filed application for Adjournment in contemplation of Dismissal. Both clients successfully completed the program and all the charges were dismissed.
  2. 11/13
    Confidential Client
    Client accounting firm hired Lord & Hardaway LLP on an ongoing basis to handle all of their accounting malpractice actions in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. In July 2009, Lord & Hardaway LLP was retained by client to handle five pending accounting malpractice actions involving client and $61 million in liability.
  3. 10/13
    Immigration Client
    Client Afghani sought asylum status unsuccessfully for two years. Lord & Hardaway LLP filed the necessary paperwork with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and attended multiple hearings. Client obtained asylum.
  4. 08/13
    Confidential Client
    Obtained a dismissal of developer sued for negligent development and breach of fiduciary duty in property development.
  1. 05/13
    Maryland v. P.G.
    Client charged with possession of heroin. Charges dismissed after completion of an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal.
  2. 04/13
    State of Virginia v. P.M.
    Client charged with DWI, No License, and Reckless Driving. Client was driving highly intoxicated more than two times over the legal limit and without a license and crashed into a home. Against the strong objections of the prosecution, I was able to successfully argue for entry into both the Alcohol Education Program which lead to the dismissal of all charges. Client's criminal record expunged.
  3. 03/13
    Client Confidential
    Defended client newspaper against defamation action. Plaintiff sought damages in the amount of $15 million on theories of defamation, statutory business conspiracy, civil conspiracy, trade libel, and tortious interference with a business expectancy. Case dismissed on Summary Judgment.
  4. 09/12
    People v. A.C.
    Client charged with vehicular manslaughter. Negotiated 6 months of home detention with subsequent 5 year probation.
  1. 07/12
    North Carolina v. D.E.
    Client charged Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance Paraphernalia, and Possession of a Firearm. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to get all evidence deemed inadmissible on Constitutional grounds and the case was dismissed.
  2. 06/12
    State of New York v. G.P.
    Client charged with molestation and lewd conduct. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to obtain a dismissal in the Interest of Justice.
  3. 02/12
    Client Confidential
    Obtained $15.1 million settlement in an interpleader action involving life insurance company and three competing parties.
  4. 11/11
    People v. M.J.
    Client charged with embezzlement of over $8 million. Lord & Hardaway negotiated a 4 year probation with restitution.
  1. 09/11
    8(a) Application Reconsideration.
    SBA concluded that they were not convinced by the preponderance of the evidence to allow the company into the 8(a) Program. After revising the initial application and supplying corroborative evidence, the SBA approved the application.
  2. 09/11
    GAO Bid Protest
    GAO Bid Protest showing that the Agency failed to evaluate properly past performance and technical proposal. Agency took corrective action.
  3. 07/11
    People v. J.O.
    Client was charged by federal prosecutors with money laundering for allegedly transferring proceeds abroad using a currency arbitrage platform. After a three week trial and two year long defense that included expert witnesses, jury found our client not guilty of money laundering.
  4. 03/11
    Confidential Client
    Successfully contested $520,000 insurance claim on behalf of insurance company.
  1. 10/10
    Confidential Client
    Client defendant in shareholder derivative lawsuit brought by minority shareholders of a hedge fund. Minority shareholders were not receiving the same financial benefits as client. Bench trial resulted in a verdict for client.
  2. 07/10
    People v. B.J.
    Client charged with 5 counts of money laundering by the United States Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. Supposed co-conspirators became cooperating witnesses. We defended the client for nearly three years. After a lengthy trial the jury, Lord & Hardaway LLP obtained a not guilty on all counts and no criminal record.
  3. 05/10
    Confidential Client
    Client builder and developer built $73 million in apartment properties in Florida and Georgia. We handled all of the legal transactions for four years and our client accomplished its goal as planned.
  4. 03/10
    Confidential Client
    Successfully contested $1.25 million insurance claim on behalf of insurance company.
  1. 11/09
    Confidential Client
    Successfully contested $2 million insurance claim on behalf of insurance company.
  2. 07/09
    Confidential Client
    Client corporation sued its competitor corporation for $4 million for defamation and tortious interference. The litigation lasted three years. Confidential settlement dismissed day before trial.
  3. 04/09
    Confidential Client
    Seventeen defendants charged in a criminal conspiracy case involving insurance fraud and embezzlement. Our client’s, a C-Level insurance executive, case was dismissed after we argued Motion to Dismiss.
  4. 02/09
    People v. C.G.
    Client charged with carrying being in possession of cocaine with intent to sell and carrying cocaine across state lines. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to get prosecution to drop the charges. Subsequently, client's arrest record was expunged.
  1. 12/08
    OHA Size Appeal
    Represented intervenor and awardee against appellant. Appellant challenged SBA Size Determination alleging that awardee was not a small business and affiliated with other business entities.
  2. 11/08
    GAO Protest
    Corrective Action issued within thirty days by U.S. Army National Guard on award of contract for dental services. Challenge to agency proposal evaluation and source selection decision.
  3. 09/08
    State of New York v. S.P.
    Client charged with attempted murder of his ex-wife. Under the terms of his plea deal, client agreed to maintain 100 yard distance from ex-wife and child and a year of anger management treatment.
  4. 07/08
    Confidential Client
    Secured a prompt seven figure settlement for a client in a lawsuit involving a breach of a nondisclosure agreement, unfair competition, and misappropriation of confidential client data by the client’s former vendor.
  1. 07/17
    State of New York v. M.L.
    Charges of a Hit and Run, Making a False Statement to the Police, Presenting False Documents, and Driving on a Suspended license. Client met with the police, before contacting Lord & Hardaway LLP. Lord & Hardaway LLP filed and argued a Motion to Dismiss challenging the statute of limitations resulting in a dismissal of the entire case and no criminal record.
  2. 05/17
    People v. C.O.
    Felony Home Invasion Robbery, Use of Firearm During Felony, Burglary, False Imprisonment. At jury trial, defendant was found not guilty on all counts and no criminal record.
  3. 04/17
    Confidential Settlement
    Awarded confidential seven figure settlement in death in apartment complex due to Negligent Security.
  4. 02/17
    People v. B.N.
    Client charged with running an online identity theft criminal enterprise. Neil was extradited to stand trial. At jury trial, client was found not guilty on all counts and no criminal record.
  1. 01/17
    Confidential Client
    Client ticket seller made an agreement to purchase over $3 million dollars in tickets wholesale from a ticket broker. When the market value of the tickets increased, the ticket broker breached the contract. We convinced the ticket broker to honor the contract.
  2. 12/16
    Confidential Client
    Client law firm partner had ownership dispute with partners when client was asked to take an of counsel position. Client filed lawsuit alleging his partners acted improperly and violated partnership agreement. After a two-week jury trial, we won a $4.3 million verdict.
  3. 08/16
    People v. J.M.
    Client charged with brandishing a firearm. Lord & Hardaway LLP was able to get video evidence deemed inadmissible on Constitutional grounds and the case was dismissed.
  4. 07/16
    State of New York v. F.P.
    Client charged with murdering his wife. After a one week trial, Lord & Hardaway LLP secured a not guilty verdict. Afterwards, client's criminal record was expunged.